Quality Control

We (Parboil Rice Co., Ltd)

processed Extreme delicate raw materials for the rice processing In the sequence of our mill’s production procedure, milled rice is prepared to move inessential material like gravel, sand, dust, and even second-rate rice scraps that do not come across to the terms of The Ministry of Commerce. This rice then shifted to a temperature controlled grain store. Then it proceed through the machinery that takes away any lasting stone, heavy or gravel metals, and then to equipped section that gives the external of the separate rice grains to eliminate insect eggs or fungus that may be attached with grains. The rice is at that time polished conveyed on to machines that eradicate broken rice grains and splits the rice grains according to size of rice.

Then in the next step we transfer classified rice to the machines that provides it a last check for purity and cleanliness, after this last procedure the finalize rice is sent in our packaging section where our skilled professionals packed our products by automatic equipment.

Since each phase of the manufacture is controlled carefully by computerize system, no human hands involves into contact with our rice production at any phase, so that our customer feel assured that it is totally hygienic and healthy.

This is our philosophy that we struggle daily to follow to serve our customers with regard, which has made Our Group the respective firm world-wide in the sector of rice production.