About Parboil Rice

We Parboil Rice

are delivering Locally and internationally food producers, exporters, secluded retailers and traders with finest class Thai rice under additional secluded products through our group since 1980’s.

Parboil Rice is a group of millers owned rice marketing link with business offices in Thailand. Our manufacturing & rice milling services are in line to the Port Authority of Thailand ) and other main areas of rich-lands where parboil rice grows lavishly.

As rice manufacturing frontrunners, we are powerful to grow our milling, production and promotion programs that assured a safest supply of vital quality rice for our clients, an economical return on your reserve investments prepared by our affiliate growers, and a answerable technique to the total impact our industry executes on our environment.

Our Capacity

We Parboil Rice as a group of corporations do hold the ability of trading sugar and rice from rare containers to huge lots minimum of 50,000 Matric tons. Our milling competency is much superior than the export competency. We are quick in loading huge quantities to any of the port through-out the world where there are massive prerequisite for consumption.

Our Clients

Parboil Rice continues its uncertain edge as it devotes time and moneys in its industry and makes long time relations with its clients. The modification in the superiority of Asia Grains Group products that used in factory-made food products and as well as for straight consumption, together with the whole service, Parboil Rice provides to its customers/Clients, is recognized both locally and worldwide.